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Report from Kenya #288 – July 18, 2014

Report from Kenya Survey


Later Comment: As I developed the survey on the free part of SurveyMonkey and then began sending it out, I learned that I could only send it to 100 people on the list and I have 1044 on the list. If I want to do more, I would have to pay for an upgrade which I thought was rather too expensive for just this one survey. So I have decided to just send it out in the usual way. If you would like to respond, all you have to do is hit reply and you will find the survey below. You can mark the items with “X” and when you finish send it to me and I’ll tally the results by hand. Anyone with an email address that begins with “a” to “bb” received the survey so you don’t need to respond here again.

Thanks for your responses.



I am on my 288th Report from Kenya which began in March 2007 when Gladys and I moved to Kenya. I thought it might be worthwhile to get some feedback from the readers, so I have developed a nine question survey connected to SurveyMonkey to obtain this feedback. I would appreciate it if you would fill out the survey. The questions are below, but to fill out the survey please go to YYY.

I appreciate the feedback.

David Zarembka, AGLI Coordinator

1. How many years have you been receiving Reports from Kenya?

__ less than 1 year

__ 1 to 3 years

__ 3 to 5 years

__ More than 5 years

2. How often do you read the Reports?

__ Never

__ Sometimes

__ Half the time

__ Most of the time

__ Always

3. The Reports are sent out usually once per week. Is this

__ Too often

__ About right

__ Not often enough

4. The Reports are usually 1000 to 2000 words in length. Is this

__ Too long

__ About right

__ Too short

5. The Reports cover cultural and societal issues, political issues, and AGLI reports and information. Which do you find most interesting? You may mark more than one answer.

__ Cultural and societal issues

__ Political issues

__ AGLI reports and information

6. Have you forwarded Reports from Kenya to others?

__ Never

__ A few times

__ Sometimes

__ Frequently

__ Always

7. Reports from Kenya are a closed group in that members are not able to reply to the whole group. Would you be interested in an open group where comments from others would be displayed after each posting?

__ Yes

__ No

8. Are you a member or attendee of a Friends’ meeting or church?

__ Yes

__ No

9. Do you have any comments or advice on Reports from Kenya?

Comments or advice:


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