Sending Funds to Transforming Communities for Social Change’s Bank Account

in Kenya through WorldRemit.

Note 1: Send check: Checks may be made out to “David Zarembka/TCSC” with memo of “account number  0213394570” and mailed to CapitalOne Bank, 812 Muddy Branch Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878. I will forward the funds through World Remit


Note 2: PayPal: You may now donate to TCSC through PayPal by clicking this link:

World Remit is an international internet wire transfer service that can be found at

The charge to send funds to a bank account in Kenya is 99 US cents. They make their money on the exchange rate but it is much better than Western Union or other wire transfer services.


  1. Rate is very low.
  2. Funds arrive in the Kenyan bank account the next day.
  3. After the first transaction, a subsequent transaction takes only about a minute.
  4. By the wonders of M-pesa (mobile money) funds can economically be forwarded to Rwanda, Burundi or Uganda.
  5. If you enter the referral code of “DAVIDZ41” in the referral code box, TCSC will receive a WorldRemit voucher for $20 after you have sent $100 through WorldRemit.

Draw backs:

  1. The limit per day is $2,000, but one can always send more the following day.
  2. For money laundering security, on the first transaction you must submit a copy of your driver’s license or passport picture page.
  3. You must use a debit or credit card. I have never used a credit card but the credit card company may charge 1% or 2% for the transaction. My debit card does not charge me anything.
  4. Donations through WorldRemit are not US tax deductible.
  5. WorldRemit only includes the first name of the sender so please email to indicate you have made a donation so that TCSC can thank you.

How to fill out transaction:

  1. Log on to and register with driver’s license or passport. Enter referral code of “DAVIDZ41” in the referral code box.
  2. Send to Kenya.
  3. Select service: Bank Deposit
  4. Change blank to “Send” and put in amount in dollars.
  5. Fill out form as follows:

Bank name: Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited

Branch name: Kakamega

Account number: 1134165266600

Recipient details:

First Name: United for Peace

Middle Name: and Community

Last Name: Development

City/town: Kakamega

Country: Kenya

Mobile Phone: 254 726590783


Your own Reference: “Donation” or specify project to be supported

Sending reason: Family and Friend Support

Note: United for Peace and Community Development has changed its name to “Transforming Communities for Social Change” (TCSC), but the Kenyan Government has not yet issued the certificate for the name change. When TCSC receives it, they will change the bank account name to Transforming Communities for Social Change.