In Siaya County, Raila Odinga’s home county, he received 366,070 votes (99.3%) while Uhuru received 2,481 votes (0.7%). The Luo in Siaya are accusing the Kisii who live in the county of voting for Uhuru and are threatening them and forcing them out of the community. The fact that this is absurd makes no difference — voting is secret and no one knows how the Kisii voted as they are fairly supportive of Raila. Also 2,481 votes seems to be more than the number of registered Kisii voters in the county.

Martin Oloo, one of our facilitators in Siaya County, called Getry and Peter and asked them to intercede. Yesterday they traveled there to hold a community dialogue at a Free Pentecostal Church. Twenty-three people showed up, but only two of them were Kisii, members of the church. The attendees agreed that it was not valid to accuse the Kisii for the Uhuru votes, but they didn’t seem to have any suggestions on the way forward. The lack of many Kisii in the dialogue lowered its effectiveness. They are determining the next step

At 2:00 AM after the announcement that Uhuru Kenyatta had been election president, Martin felt that it was no longer safe for them to remain and got a motor cycle to drive them to the outskirts of Kisumu. Martin himself felt that he had to escape to his maternal home because he might be targeted for arranging for the dialogue.

Then this morning John Luvuva contacted them about three families that were being threatened in Kiboswa near Kisumu – one family was Kikuyu and two Kalenjin, Uhuru and Ruto’s tribes. Getry went with them to the police station and the police have evacuated them from their homes to an undisclosed location.

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