Parfaite at the site of the planned maternity ward for the Friends Women’s Association’s Ntaseka Clinic.

I would be proud and thankful if women from Ntaseka HIV+ beneficiaries are no longer transmitting HIV/AIDS to their new born here in Kamenge. Actually I know what it means to deliver a HIV+ new born. My brother left an HIV+ daughter. I know how much she suffered until she died. Parfaite Ntahuba, FWA’s National Coordinator.

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Friends Women’s Association’s Ntaseka Clinic is beginning its next gigantic development, the building of a Maternity Ward, particularly for HIV+ mothers so that they do not convey their HIV+ status to their newborn babies. FWA will need all the help and support it can from you in order to succeed in this task. We would appreciate it if you can forward this description of the Maternity Ward to those whom you think might be interested.

I remember in 2002 under the leadership of Cassilde Ntamamiro when we started the Friends Women’s Association and its Ntaseka Clinic in the Bujumbura slum of Kamenge. We started by renting an inadequate house, barely able to accommodate the small clientele we had in the beginning. We were soon able to purchase a plot of land and, with the help of Burundian and international workcampers over a number of years, were able to construct the current building. We were also able to buy a second plot behind the first one; it has remained vacant for at least the last ten years. It is on this plot that FWA plans on building the new Maternity Ward.

First woman treated for HIV/AIDS at clinic. Orga, the first woman under anti-retroviral treatment at NTASEKA Clinic with her daughter whos is HIV negative. “I was almost dead, but God has used FWA to give me back life.”

The development of the clinic over the last 16 years has been impressive. Last month, April, the clinic received 1102 patients for consultation for which they conducted 380 laboratory tests. Of these 305 people came in for family planning and 241 people came to test their HIV status – 9% of the women who were tested were HIV+. In addition there were 225 HIV+ patients under anti-retroviral drugs including 176 women. The Ntaseka Clinic is located in the Kamenge community where there is no other clinic which offers free or low cost medical services.


An artist drawing of the propose Maternity Ward.

The importance of this project:

Many of the HIV+ women will conceive and give birth. Vulnerable women in Kamenge deliver their babies at home in unhygienic conditions without professional help. If the mother is HIV+ this increases the possibility that she will convey her status on her newborn. This is the justification for the need to build this Maternity Ward. It will also be available for those women who have complications during childbirth.

Since January 2018, the Ntaseka Clinic has offered pre-natal consultation services. This is key for the prevention of the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. Today, if one of our HIV positive women gets pregnant, it is difficult to do a complete follow up for her at Ntaseka Clinic. In addition, women who are coming for the pre-natal service often ask if there is any plan to have the maternity service very soon. With the addition of the maternity ward these women who will have attended the clinic for pre-natal care will be able to deliver in the new maternity ward where they will receive properly medical care so that they do not convey their status to their children.

Ground floor plan for the new ward.

The cost for the ground floor only will be US$52,540. Vancouver Island Month Meeting (Quakers) in Canada already contributed US$20,000 towards the construction of the ward. While this is an excellent beginning – in fact it is this contribution that has given FWA the courage to begin this major development – US$32,540 will still need to be raised. Please spread far and wide this need for additional funding for the Maternity Ward.

As Parfaite commented, “With the maternity ward, I see FWA becoming a great center for both mothers and children. What a joy for those who knew FWA at its beginning.” Think of the development this way: When the Maternity Ward is complete and functioning, Ntaseka Clinic will become Ntaseka Hospital!


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