A HROC basic workshop with university students at IPB office. Photo by Rodrigue I.

Be one of the first to donate to Innovations in Peacemaking — Burundi.

Today at 9:00 AM eastern time in the US, the Global Giving’s Accelerator campaign begins. We would like to get off to a good start with at least 10 donations for $1000 today and tomorrow. The campaign continues until Friday, June 29, by which time in order to succeed IPB will need at least 40 unique contributors and $5,000 in donations.

For details and to donate , go to  http://goto.gg/33287

For a description of Global Giving’s Accelerator campaign and Innovations in Peacemaking — Burundi, goto http://davidzarembka.com/2018/06/05/504-support-innovations-in-peacemaking-burundi/.

We appreciate any support you can give. Please forward this reminder to your contacts who also may be willing to help out.

Elie Nahimana, National Coordinator

David Zarembka, Campaign Advisor