#531 — Landless People

Part XIX: Benefits of Small-Scale Farming in Kenya Squatter houses on our way to Eldoret. Notice the simple construction of mud and wattle with grass roof and very small plot. If you have been reading my series of articles on small-scale farming, I hope you have been convinced of the benefits it has for the people in Kenya. Unfortunately this READ MORE

Results of GlobalGiving Campaigns to Date

Context: There are 5706 projects on the GlobalGiving webpage that people can donate to. These projects are ranked by GlobalGiving. The higher the ranking the more visibility there is on the GlobalGiving webpage and consequently the greater the possibility of a GlobalGiving donor seeing a project and then donating to it. GlobalGiving has more than 120,000 donors on its listserve READ MORE

#530 — The Small-Scale Farm

This is a picture of the homestead of Rezpa Sabatia, Gladys’ late cousin, who lived down the road from us. She and her husband, the late James Sabatia, were one of the original settlers in Lumakanda in the early 1960s. If you can see the corrugated iron building on the right among the tress, this was their carpentry shop, James’ READ MORE

#529 — The Destruction of Small-Scale Farming

Country people leaving a village due to enclosure in 18th Century England. Mary Evans Picture Library. In the last five hundred years the land of small-scale farmers has been confiscated by elites frequently and forcefully. The rationale has been due to the negative characterization of the small scale farmer as “uncivilized”, stupid, unproductive, and backward. These have been the justifications READ MORE