Context: There are 5706 projects on the GlobalGiving webpage that people can donate to. These projects are ranked by GlobalGiving. The higher the ranking the more visibility there is on the GlobalGiving webpage and consequently the greater the possibility of a GlobalGiving donor seeing a project and then donating to it. GlobalGiving has more than 120,000 donors on its listserve plus 285 large companies whose employees are encouraged to donate to one or more of the projects.

Remarkably enough the Friends Women’s Association (FWA) is ranked number 19 out of those 5706 projects. This has meant that many of GlobalGiving’s own donors have donated to FWA. Since March of this year, FWA has had 109 donors. $10,703 donations have come from FWA supporters while $2250 has come from GlobalGiving donors. In addition, FWA has received $463 in matching funds from GlobalGiving itself. This totals $13,416.

Transforming Community for Social Change (TCSC) has a respectable rank of 182 out of 5706 projects. TCSC has had 134 donors since March this year. $12,944 has been donated by TCSC supporters while $496 has come from GlobalGiving donors. TCSC has received $1716 in matching funds from GlobalGiving. The total is $15,156.

Innovations in Peacebuilding – Burundi (IPB) is ranked 76 out of the 5706 projects. Since June this year IPB has had 57 donors. $6,477 has been donated by IPB supporters while $255 has come from GlobalGiving donors. IPB has received $107 in matching funds. This totals $6,839.

The Grand Total is $35,411 with $30,124 from organization supporters, $3,001 from GlobalGiving donors, and $2,286 from matching funds from GlobalGiving. This is very impressive. Thanks for all the help from the 300 donors.

Since the number of donors and the amounts donated will help these organizations ranking, please consider donating at this time.


To make a tax deductible (US) or gift aid eligible (UK) donation through GlobalGiving,

For Transforming Community for Social Change (TCSC), click on

To support Peacemaking with Samburu Warriors, click on

To donate to TCSC by M-pesa go to Pay Bill: 891300, Account: GG31755

For the Friends Women’s Association (FWA), click on

To support Building FWA’s Maternity Ward, click on

For Innovations in Peacemaking – Burundi (IPB), click on

Getry Agizah, Parfaite Ntahuba, Elie Nahimana, and David Zarembka