#514 — Constraints on Small Scale Farmers

Part IV: Benefits of Small Scale Farming in Kenya Farmer in Kabaune village, Kenya, plowing his field with oxen. Photo: P. Casier / CGIAR via Flickr. What are the constraints on small scale farmers in Kenya from being more productive? Here are some of the main blocks to enhanced productionGovernment neglect: The Kenyan government, like most governments throughout the world READ MORE

#512 — Confronting AIDS in Africa

Orga, the first woman under anti-retrovial treatment at NTASEKA Clinic with her (HIV negative) daughter. “I was almost dead, but God has used FWA to give me back life.”      This Report from Kenya explains what is needed to deal with HIV/AIDS in Africa. It is commonly assumed that the introduction of free (to the patient) anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs is READ MORE

#510 — Such a Time of It They Had

They [the health workers covered in the book] all knew what was obvious: that the practice of medicine extends beyond the body, that disease cannot be addressed in silo, apart from the environment and its people. They are all looking beyond the body for the causes of the disease and beyond the pharmacy for the solutions. And many of the READ MORE

#509 — HROC with South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

HROC participants during a workshop. TRAUMA HEALING TRAINING WITH SOUTH SUDANESE URBAN REFUGEES AND HOST COMMINITY IN NORTHERN UGANDA. By Emmanuel Ocayotoo, HROC-Uganda and Peter Serete, TCSC I wanted to kill myself and my four children. Listening to others’ loss in this training, I feel like giving myself another chance. South Sudanese refugee.      Uganda is now sheltering over a READ MORE

#508 — Wastage after Harvest

Heads-up: Starting at 9:00 AM eastern time in the United States on Wednesday, July 18, Global Giving will be donating a half match for the first $240,000 donated on that day. A half match means that if you donate $100, Global Giving will match this with $50. The maximum donation to be matched per donor is $500. Since this match READ MORE

#507 — Myth on the Efforts for Small Farmers

Our grandson, Brian, at his July 4th birthday party at his nursery school. Grandniece, Trina, is on the left as her birthday is in August during school vacation. I wanted to include this picture because of the “airplane” birthday cake of the Kenyan national airlines. Napkins, juice, lollipops, and biscuits are on the table on the left. About 70 students READ MORE