#503 — Visionary Women’s Centre Update

By LIZETTE GILDAY, Founder and Administrator OUR MOTHER’S SUPPORT PROGRAMME HAS BEEN AWARDED TWO GRANTS!!! Thanks to David Zarembka, who kindly sent out our last newsletter to his extensive mailing list (see http://davidzarembka.com/2017/10/01/467-visionary-womens-centre-newsletter-october-1-2017/), we have received two modest but very meaningful grants. Both are targeted to our Mother’s Support Programme. The first is to enhance our Kitchen Garden Project and READ MORE

#502 — Maternity Ward for HIV+ Women

  Parfaite at the site of the planned maternity ward for the Friends Women’s Association’s Ntaseka Clinic. I would be proud and thankful if women from Ntaseka HIV+ beneficiaries are no longer transmitting HIV/AIDS to their new born here in Kamenge. Actually I know what it means to deliver a HIV+ new born. My brother left an HIV+ daughter. I READ MORE

#501 — Healing on Mt. Elgon

Family of the victims attacked on Mt. Elgon. Note the lack of shoes even on the mother and the very basic structure of their small home. In other words this is a poor family as were most of the victims. Update on the situation on Mt. Elgon: After the gang on Mt. Elgon killed 30 people, raped 42 women and READ MORE

#500 — Flooding due to Ocean Warming

Wow!: This is my 500th Report from Kenya. One of numerous pictures of current flooding in Kenya. ***** Reminder: The next HROC International Training in Musanze, Rwanda, begins July 8 and ends July 28. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending the training, please contact me at davidzarembka@gmail.com and I send the flier and registration form. ***** READ MORE

#499 — Burundi: Continuing Crisis

Burundi President, Pierre Nkurunziza ***** Note: From now until Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, Global Giving is encouraging donations in honor of your mother. If you go to the donation page, click on “Donate in honor”. You can include their email address for notification. You can do this for any of the four projects listed below. To make tax deductible READ MORE

#498 — What is “Tribe”?

A modern-day Maasai mother dressed up in her finest. Notice the bare ground and sparse vegetation in the background. ***** Note: From now until Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, Global Giving is encouraging donations in honor of your mother. If you go to the donation page, you will see where you can honor a person and include their email address READ MORE

#497 –Kenyan Political Update

Uhuru Kenyatta, left, shaking hands with Raila Odinga, right, on Friday, March 9, after they met and agreed to a joint statement on working together for the benefit of all Kenyans. ***** Mt. Elgon Peace Center: To respond to the recent killings and rapes on Mt. Elgon, Transforming Community for Social Change has posted a three month fundraising project on READ MORE

#495 — The Disinherited Wife — April 13, 2018

A homestead in Lumakanda similar to Elizabeth and Mzee’s. Elizabeth died three days after her husband. People said she died of grief or stress from being disinherited. They were being polite. She committed suicide by drowning herself in the Kipkarren River. In Marogoli culture, committing suicide is shameful. Two years ago the 27 year old son of a neighbour from READ MORE