#483 — Naomi and Ruth — January 19, 2018

Picture of Moab, Jordan. Request for funds for follow-up day at Kericho Women’s Prison: On February 2, Resilient Woman of Africa plans a follow-up day with 15 released prisoners and 25 mentors who had previously taken the basic HROC workshop. The objective is to evaluate the Kericho program: What have the trainees done with the training? Has it been helpful to READ MORE

#482 — Weaving Peace Net in the Middle of Crisis — January 12, 2018

Update: Thanks to the good response all the students who I reported on last week have received sponsors and some additional funds have been collected to improve the primary school. ***** Note: I have been able to change the name of the TCSC webpage to https://transformingcommunityforsocialchange.wordpress.com/. The old address with “communities” (my mistake) no longer works. ***** Request: After a READ MORE