#567 — Organic Gardening in Kenya

Mother’s Support Groups visit Manor House Agricultural Centre in March 2018. I can’t claim that the farming we do in the Lumakanda area is organic. When maize (corn) is planted, fertilizer is added at the same time. Later after the second weeding a second top-dressing of fertilizer is applied. If there is an insect infestation on maize or other crops, READ MORE

#566 — The Cremation of Barbara Deal in Eldoret, Kenya

By Tanya Cothran, Executive Director, Spirit in Action Biography: Barbara Anne Neighbors Deal (age 70) from Crescent City, California, was on the Board of Directors of Spirit in Action International* (SIA) (click for webpage). She was so excited to be able to visit SIA partners in Uganda and Kenya and participate in the meetings and evaluation process. In 1980-1995, Barbara READ MORE

#565 — The 2019 Kenyan Census

Elder Clara on the left and enumerator Brian on the right. They came to count the eight people in our household on Monday afternoon. Note the white chalk census house number above their heads. Saturday night/Sunday morning, August 24/25, was the night of the 2019 census in Kenya. People are counted according to where they slept that night. The census READ MORE

Clean Energy Africa #5 — Will South African Build Electric Vehicles?

Like Germany is to Europe, South Africa is the manufacturing powerhouse of sub-Saharan Africa. In particular it has eight automobile assembly plants. The companies are BMW, Ford, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen. In 2018 South Africa produced 610,854 vehicles. Last year over 200,000 vehicles were exported to Europe, 140,000 to Africa, and the rest sold domestically. We, READ MORE

#564 — The Arrival of Strangle Weed in Lumakanda

This is a picture of some ornamental bushes in the front of our former house in Lumakanda. Note the yellow-greenish vines sticking out from the bushes. This is a parasitic plant. About a year ago this plant had infected the ornamental bushes which were then over three feet tall. In order to eradicate the vines, we had to cut down READ MORE

#563 — Cremation in Kenya

Ken Okoth and his wife, Monica. On July 26 Ken Okoth, the Kibra Member of Parliament, died of colorectal cancer at the age of 41. He asked that his body be cremated which was done. As the Standard newspaper headlined on August 5 said, this “Burning of bodies has kicked up cultural, religious storm.” A Quaker pastor from Nairobi commented READ MORE