#534 — The Demographic Transition in Kenya

Some of our family – in back, grand-niece Trinah; center left, grand-son Brian; center right, grand-daughter Faith (with shirt given to her by my grand-daughter Jayla), and front, grand-daughter, Rembo. When I lived in Kenya in the 1960s, Kenya had a fertility rate – the number of children the average woman would have during her child-bearing years – of over READ MORE

#533 — Land

A map of Kenya just before independence showing the 20% of the country that is arable land and the significant portion controlled by the British white settlers, usually the best of that arable land. Land. That’s the big issue. To be a small-scale farmer, a person needs to have access to land. The most common method of getting land is READ MORE

#532 — American Exceptionalism

A present day hog establishment in the United States. Is this farming? Reminder: The next three week Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities  International Training in Musanze, Rwanda, begins on February 3. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact me at davidzarembka@gmail.com. ***** American exceptionalism usually refers to that amazing form of government established at the end of eighteenth century READ MORE