#538 — Conclusion, Small-Scale Farming

 If given adequate support, these small-scale Kenyan farmers can feed all of Kenya and produce surpluses for export. Picture from Bilaterals.org. With small-scale farming in Kenya as an example, I have made the case that it is small-scale farmers who will feed the world with improved nutrition. Large-scale commercial, industrial agriculture, which has received the major proportion of international attention READ MORE

#537 — Burundi

The hills of Burundi. Notice that there is no bench terracing and that the fields are orientated up and down the hills with no erosion control measures. Photo by Wageningen University and Research. Agriculture in Burundi is poorly developed. Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is slightly larger than Rwanda with slightly less people (11,844,520) READ MORE

#536 — Rwanda

This is a picture of the hills around Byumba, Rwanda. Notice the large number of bench terraces on these hills. Picture from Hope International From 1999 until recently I traveled to Rwanda two or three times per year and was able to observe the development of agriculture in that country. Rwanda has adopted many improvements that could be easily done READ MORE