#573 — Harvesting

This is a picture of our maize (corn) harvest from one of our two acres. The two acres will give us about thirty 200 pound bags (90 bushels) of maize. We will use about ten bags and will sell the rest to cover the cost and, if the price is good, some profit. While the rains were over a month READ MORE

Clean Energy Africa #12 — Sand Dams

A sand dam in semi-arid eastern Kenya. Note: Thanks to Harold Miller, a loyal Reports from Kenya reader, for introducing me to sand dams many, many years ago. As I sit on my computer here in Lumakanda, I read about robots that flip hamburgers for McDonalds, self-driving cars, and so many other amazing technological developments. Therefore it is refreshing to READ MORE

#571 — Life at Lumakanda Friends Church

Life at Lumakanda Friends Church Reprinted with permission from Friends Journal, October 1, 2019. Friends leaving Lumakanda Friends Church after the morning church service. Photos courtesy of David Zarembka. My wife, Gladys Kamonya, a Kenyan, and I, an American, are members of both Bethesda (Md.) Meeting of Baltimore Yearly Meeting and Lumakanda Friends Church of Lugari Yearly Meeting in Kenya. READ MORE

Recurring Donations for Peter Serete’s Salary

Would you be willing to donate monthly for Peter Serete’s salary with a recurring donation through GlobalGiving? Currently we have 6 people who are donating a total of $105 per month. The total amount we need per month including his benefits  and employer taxes is $330 per month. Therefore we are $225 short per month. If you make a recurring READ MORE