One of the pictures from Idaho sent to me by Sam McElwain.

Below I have pasted four responses from Report from Kenya readers on their observations about Covid-19.

Ruth Hyde

I feel fortunate to live in New York state where the virus is now under control because we have a governor who was on the radio every day urging people to wear masks. Our local problem is people in their teens and 20’s who gather in groups to socialize and are less willing to wear masks. I have had some good shopping experiences at farmer’s markets where everyone was masked and people were also keeping a good distance from each other.

I have been staying home most of the time and a Quaker friend and two neighbors have been doing my grocery shopping every two weeks. Some changes I have made:

1. Using the phone more and e-mail less to communicate with friends.

2. Getting even more pleasure from and spending more time in my vegetable garden.

3. Spending less money on clothing- actually none. I ask myself “Do I really need that?”

I expect that these behaviors will also affect my life after the virus is over.

My recreational expenses – normally spent on dancing – sometimes go to donations in gratitude for people in the dance community allowing me to dance virtually. I have also been worshiping twice each week, attending meeting for workshop virtually in Rochester where I live and in Buffalo where I grew up.

I am very sad for my country where our leader has done much to alienate the rest of the world and also taken many steps to undo actions which helped to prevent global warming. I no longer get mail every day because he refuses to support the post office. I feel sad, too, because the virus will prevent me from working on voter registration as I did on the last presidential election.

Patrick Capper

First some good news from Canada that you might not have heard about, the quote is from Amnesty,

I have wonderful news to share with you! Today, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that sending refugee claimants back to the United States under the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Court found that sending refugee claimants back to the United States violates their rights to liberty and security under section 7 of the Charter because they face an almost certain risk of being arbitrarily detained in the United States in immigration detention centres or county jails, often in atrocious conditions and in clear contravention of international standards.

As for imagining a better world, I don’t know about other countries but what we are hoping for in Canada is to have a guaranteed basic income, instead of a lot of patch work grants, etc, that were implemented due to unemployment with Covid-19 restrictions, where certain segments of the population were left out. Now is the best chance to have a guaranteed basic income, provided that the Federal Conservatives don’t get into power.

 Unfortunately both Trudeau and his finance minister are in ethical scandals where, you would have thought, people in their positions should have known better.

I also see that many Canadians think we should be less dependent on other countries for many goods and services, though, due to our small market size, I think this is unlikely.

John Kintree

It’s good to think about things at a global level. I’m thinking about how to make the message as clear and concise as possible.

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for their health and well-being.

In my opinion, that is completely consistent with the law as recorded in Luke 10: 25-28. The prime directive is to love God with my entire being, and my neighbor as myself.

Now, imagine the world from the perspective of everyone having an adequate standard of living.

We’re all different, so we will see it from different perspectives. Just for fun, think of the perspective of someone who’s good at computer programming and math, and knows a lot about how the human brain works. It’s fun to think about having an adequate standard of living because it’s my right as a human being, and now I’m liberated to do whatever I see will provide the greatest good. Maybe I’ll help develop a conversational digital agent that can run both in a personal phone and in distributed format sharing processes and storage with millions of other personal devices around the world. The software that I write, and help develop, will be open source so that anyone else in the world who wants to can contribute to making it better at the same time as using it.

It is most fun then to imagine a global collective human and digital intelligence managing the resources of the planet so that we are in compliance with the prime directive.

Sam McElwain

Here are some pictures from an email I got from a friend in response to a rumor of a BLM protest in Idaho on June 7, 2020. The email was lengthy so I just put pictures. If you want the whole thing let me know. As you can see nobody is wearing a mask and in the story they caught two people wearing masks and assumed they were protesters and removed the crow bar that is in the picture from one of them and I think made them remove their mask. The friends and family that I have that agree with this type of thinking a lot of them feel that wearing a mask is taking away their freedom. And will tell you the dangers of wearing a mask that rebreathing the stale air you exhale is going to make you sick. My response is that I worked in the autobody and paint industry and wore a mask most of my life like a lot of doctors and dentist. One of my friends responded that’s why your thinking is all screwed up. He was joking and we are good friends but it makes me wonder where this is all going with the attitude of the U.S.


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