#616 — That of Go(o)d in Everyone

One of the major concepts of Quakers is the observation, “There is that of God in everyone.” In the Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities workshop the idea was to make it accessible to anyone of any religion or no religion. So we changed the phrase to say, “There is that of good in everyone.” I thought it was clever how READ MORE

#615 — South Africa — A Covid-19 Disaster

Billboard on a building informing South Africans to “stop the spread” of the virus. South Africa has been doing extremely badly on containing Covid-19. While South Africa has 5.8 per cent of the population of Africa, it accounts for 53.2 per cent of the total cases in Africa. As of yesterday, it has now recorded 538,184 cases and even with READ MORE

#614 — Readers’ Responses on Covid-19

One of the pictures from Idaho sent to me by Sam McElwain. Below I have pasted four responses from Report from Kenya readers on their observations about Covid-19. Ruth Hyde I feel fortunate to live in New York state where the virus is now under control because we have a governor who was on the radio every day urging people READ MORE

#612 — I’m Glad I’m Stuck in Kenya

With all the news about Covid-19 in the last six months, it probably past your notice that in mid-March, due to the pandemic, the US Peace Corps terminated all its 7,000+ volunteers worldwide and sent them back to the US. The volunteers then landed in the US when people were being laid off by the millions and so had great READ MORE

#611 — Covid-19 Update — Burundi and Kenya

Burundi’s new president, Evariste Ndayishimiye. Covid-19 Developments in Burundi: The late president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, almost certainly died of Covid-19. While the Burundi government has not confirmed this as the cause of death, the fact that the only ventilator was rushed upcountry from Bujumbura to the hospital where he was being treated, that on his death the government announced READ MORE

#606 — Covid-19 Success Cases in Eastern Africa

Current count in Kenya as of Thursday, May 28: 1,618 confirmed cases, 58 deaths, 421 recovered, and 70,172 people tested for the virus. This is an increase in the last week of 509 confirmed cases, 0 deaths, 45 decrease recovered, and 17,665 people tested (2,524 per day). Many of the new cases are in Nairobi slums where distancing is impossible. READ MORE