Clean Energy Africa #15 — Volkswagen Brings Electric Vehicles to Rwanda

In order to tackle global warming, end pollution from gas/diesel vehicles, and stop endless wars for oil, the world needs to move as quickly as possible from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles. The world’s big automobile manufacturers have been slow to make this necessary move because they have substanital resources tied up in ICE factories where they READ MORE

#574 — Merry-Go-Rounds

One of Burundi’s Friends Women’s Association’s self-help groups. I am a widow. Being a member of one of the self-help groups at FWA has helped me to purchase iron sheets for my small house. Indeed, my group gave me a loan to buy the sheets. And I have now paid back the loan. This has encouraged me. Now I can READ MORE

#573 — Harvesting

This is a picture of our maize (corn) harvest from one of our two acres. The two acres will give us about thirty 200 pound bags (90 bushels) of maize. We will use about ten bags and will sell the rest to cover the cost and, if the price is good, some profit. While the rains were over a month READ MORE

Clean Energy Africa #12 — Sand Dams

A sand dam in semi-arid eastern Kenya. Note: Thanks to Harold Miller, a loyal Reports from Kenya reader, for introducing me to sand dams many, many years ago. As I sit on my computer here in Lumakanda, I read about robots that flip hamburgers for McDonalds, self-driving cars, and so many other amazing technological developments. Therefore it is refreshing to READ MORE