#559 — Betting in Kenya

The Betin betting shop in Lumakanda. Betin is Kenya’s second largest gambling company after SportPesa. It is owned by Italians. Betin has opened shops to attract betters who don’t want to bet through the internet. This shop had three employees behind the counter when I took this picture. Notice the motorcycles. These belong to the motorcycle taxi drivers who are READ MORE

#558 — Life is Not Fair — Getting a US Visa in Kenya

Participants and trainers at the three-week Fifteenth Healing and Rebuilding Our Community International Training in Rwanda which began on Sunday, July 7. The thirteen participants are from the Congo (South Kivu), South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Liberia, and the United States. ***** The US Embassy in Nairobi. Notice the long line of people waiting to be served. Photo: Kenyans.co.ke. READ MORE

#557 — Remittances to Kenya

This nice, substantial house is being built next door to our house. The owner is a Kenyan living in the United States. His uncle is the person who is managing the project. It is still not complete. Clearly the owner sends funds for each phrase of the project. When the funds are used up, work stops until the owner sends READ MORE

#555 — The Effects of Climate on Living

Salome ironing the kids’ clothes on the front porch. Note the basket of greens on the floor behind her. These were just picked from our garden. ***** Note on fundraising: So far 7 people have donated $2350 towards the bricking of the Ntaseka’s Maternity Ward. $650 is still needed to reach the goal of $3,000. It is not too late READ MORE

#553 — Shades of Pain and Shame

Shades of Pain and Shame: HROC and AVP Workshops on Mt. Elgon By Peter Serete – Program Coordinator Transforming Community for Social Change A section of women covering their faces.  The pain and shame that I carry as a woman wounds me deeply. This training has been of help to me. I joined other women to come to terms with READ MORE

#552 — Fifty Years of Changes in Kenya

Kenyan children in 1968. A few weeks ago I was in the café in Eldoret and there were a large number of foreigners with T-shirts saying “African Volunteer” and the Citibank logo. I got into a conversation with a few of them. I found out that they were from many foreign countries and volunteering for a month on enhancing small-scale READ MORE

#550 — Off-Grid Solar in Kenya

Introduction: I have been writing articles for a webpage called CleanTechnica. You can access it at https://cleantechnica.com/. On April 27 they posted my second article for them as “Off-Grid Solar in Kenya.” You can read the article on their webpage at https://cleantechnica.com/2019/04/27/off-grid-solar-in-kenya/. The advantage is that you can scroll down to the bottom and read the comments. I have also READ MORE