#448 — Kenya Election I — July 28, 2017

A 2017 election campaign rally. Like Nairobi’s infamous matatus [mini-buses], the election is barreling along, many times on the wrong side of the law, the noise and vitriol of the campaigns drowning out common sense. For the terrified passengers, whether they — and Kenya — arrive at the other side in one piece seems to be coming down to a READ MORE

#447 — Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) Update — July 21, 2017

Participants and trainers at the recent HROC International Training. Tenth HROC International Training: Starting in 2011, the Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC) program began conducting international trainings to train high quality candidates and spread the program outside of East Africa. The current training included two participants from Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC, sent by Muindi Peace Center which READ MORE

#444 — Guka, Grandpa — June 23, 2017

Grand-niece, Trina, sitting with me on our veranda. Family like race is a mythical societal construct.                                                            David Zarembka On Sunday, June 11, Gladys and I took public transport from Lumakanda to Nairobi on our way to the United States. Except for one major aggravation which I will report READ MORE

#441– The Sorry State of South Sudan — June 2, 2017

A scene from Rumbek, South Sudan. Last July/August, three women from Rumbek, South Sudan, supported by the Mennonite Central Committee, came to the Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) international training in Rwanda. They have since conducted some HROC workshops there which is reported below. They have invited an experienced Kenyan facilitator, Eunice Okwemba, to go to Rumbek to help READ MORE

#440 — Living in a Youthful Country — May 26, 2017

Young motorcycle taxi drivers waiting for customers. Many of these motorcycles are imported from China. See below. Announcement: Parfaite Ntahuba, the Coordinator the Friends Women’s Association’s Itaseka Clinic in Kamenge, Bujumbura, Burundi, will be on a speaking tour of the United States from September 19 through October 25. For details on their work with HIV+ people, gender based violence, rape READ MORE

#439 — Bribery in Kenyan Elections — May 19, 2017

Voter being bribed after voting on her way back home from a primary election in Bungoma County on April 13, 2017. Request: We at Transforming Communities for Social Change would appreciate contributions to support our peacemaking efforts before the August 8 Kenyan election. At the bottom of this posting are the methods that donors can use to help with our READ MORE