#508 — Wastage after Harvest

Heads-up: Starting at 9:00 AM eastern time in the United States on Wednesday, July 18, Global Giving will be donating a half match for the first $240,000 donated on that day. A half match means that if you donate $100, Global Giving will match this with $50. The maximum donation to be matched per donor is $500. Since this match READ MORE

#507 — Myth on the Efforts for Small Farmers

Our grandson, Brian, at his July 4th birthday party at his nursery school. Grandniece, Trina, is on the left as her birthday is in August during school vacation. I wanted to include this picture because of the “airplane” birthday cake of the Kenyan national airlines. Napkins, juice, lollipops, and biscuits are on the table on the left. About 70 students READ MORE

#506 — Elie Nahimana

  Students from Burundi’s Police University in a small group discussion. Update on World Refugee Day matching funds for Transforming Community for Social Change’s Kakuma Refugee Camp project:  To say the least the Global Giving matching campaign was a great disappointment. The $100,000 was gone by 9:30 AM in the US. At 12:30 AM (i.e., the middle of the night) READ MORE

#505 — Kakuma Refugee Camp

Burundian/South Sudanese in one-on-one discussion with a Congolese woman talking with a South Sudanese man. This workshop occurred after ten people were killed during a conflict between the South Sudanese and the Burundian/Congolese refugees at the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Double your contribution to Kakuma Refugee Camp, Healing and Reconciliation on World Refugee Day, Wednesday, June 20. Global Giving is matching READ MORE

#504 — Support Innovations in Peacemaking — Burundi

Small group discussion during workshop: Notice the involvement of the security official in uniform during one of the community dialogues that brought various actors together to plan a peaceful way forward for Burundi. Be one of the 40 donors needed to raise $5,000 for Innovations in Peacemaking – Burundi (IPB) to become a partner in Global Giving’s crowdfunding organization. To READ MORE

#503 — Visionary Women’s Centre Update

By LIZETTE GILDAY, Founder and Administrator OUR MOTHER’S SUPPORT PROGRAMME HAS BEEN AWARDED TWO GRANTS!!! Thanks to David Zarembka, who kindly sent out our last newsletter to his extensive mailing list (see http://davidzarembka.com/2017/10/01/467-visionary-womens-centre-newsletter-october-1-2017/), we have received two modest but very meaningful grants. Both are targeted to our Mother’s Support Programme. The first is to enhance our Kitchen Garden Project and READ MORE

#502 — Maternity Ward for HIV+ Women

  Parfaite at the site of the planned maternity ward for the Friends Women’s Association’s Ntaseka Clinic. I would be proud and thankful if women from Ntaseka HIV+ beneficiaries are no longer transmitting HIV/AIDS to their new born here in Kamenge. Actually I know what it means to deliver a HIV+ new born. My brother left an HIV+ daughter. I READ MORE

#501 — Healing on Mt. Elgon

Family of the victims attacked on Mt. Elgon. Note the lack of shoes even on the mother and the very basic structure of their small home. In other words this is a poor family as were most of the victims. Update on the situation on Mt. Elgon: After the gang on Mt. Elgon killed 30 people, raped 42 women and READ MORE

#500 — Flooding due to Ocean Warming

Wow!: This is my 500th Report from Kenya. One of numerous pictures of current flooding in Kenya. ***** Reminder: The next HROC International Training in Musanze, Rwanda, begins July 8 and ends July 28. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending the training, please contact me at davidzarembka@gmail.com and I send the flier and registration form. ***** READ MORE