#571 — Life at Lumakanda Friends Church

Life at Lumakanda Friends Church Reprinted with permission from Friends Journal, October 1, 2019. Friends leaving Lumakanda Friends Church after the morning church service. Photos courtesy of David Zarembka. My wife, Gladys Kamonya, a Kenyan, and I, an American, are members of both Bethesda (Md.) Meeting of Baltimore Yearly Meeting and Lumakanda Friends Church of Lugari Yearly Meeting in Kenya. READ MORE

Recurring Donations for Peter Serete’s Salary

Would you be willing to donate monthly for Peter Serete’s salary with a recurring donation through GlobalGiving? Currently we have 6 people who are donating a total of $105 per month. The total amount we need per month including his benefits  and employer taxes is $330 per month. Therefore we are $225 short per month. If you make a recurring READ MORE

#568 — The Great Green Wall

A map of the proposed Great Green Wall across Africa south of the Sahara Desert. 7775 kilometers equals 4831 miles and 11,662,500 hectares equals 42,000 square miles (this is almost the size of Pennsylvania). The wall will average 15 kilometers (almost 10 miles) in width. Video update from the Friends Women’s Association: FWA in Burundi has just produced a 3 READ MORE