#549 — Rural Kenyans are not Capitalists

The three kiosks owned by Lumakanda Friends Church. Rural Kenyans in Lumakanda are not capitalists. According to Wikipedia capitalism is defined as “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.” A certain amount of money is invested in an activity with the expectation that the activity will return more money READ MORE

#548 — The Fifty Shilling Note

This 50/- (50 US cents) note was given to me in Lumakanda for change. Note how dirty it is and that it has been taped together where it was torn. The note says that it was part of the 10th July 2009 issue so it may have been around in circulation for almost nine years. Most of the 50/- and READ MORE

#546 — Mitumba, Second-Hand Clothes

A nice second-hand store in Lumakanda. Note that the owner (pictured) has added shoes, suitcases, and plastic buckets to her inventory. When I went to college, my good parents bought me a new suit. When I got there I found out that I had to wear a coat and tie at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I thought it would READ MORE

#544 — Climate Change: Floods and Droughts

Here is a picture from the cyclone in Mozambique. I have no idea how these people on the roof are getting food and water. About 835 square miles of homes and fields were underwater. Rescue efforts were totally inadequate since these countries were unprepared for this magnitude of disaster. Cyclone Idai Photo by Paandu Update on Fundraiser for Peter Serete’s READ MORE

#543 — “Thank You for Coming”

Whenever there is a celebration, wedding, or funeral, photographers show up and take pictures to sell of those attending the event. They quickly print them and display them on masking tape. Attendees can buy one for 50/- (50 US cents) each. This picture is from the Peace Summit organized by Friends Church Peace Teams that Gladys and I attended last READ MORE

#542 — Report on Poultry Seminar

A picture of our chicken coop which is big enough to hold a hundred or more hens. A few weeks ago, Gladys and I attended a seminar on raising poultry for eggs and meat. It was held at Spring Park Motel in Turbo, the next town from us. The venue was packed. I estimated that over 150 farmers attended. The READ MORE