#592 — Coronavirus: Report from Kenya

A health worker wearing a protective gear prepares to disinfect the matatu [min-bus] in which the first Kenyan Covid-19 patient travelled to Ongata Rongai. PHOTO | YASUYOSHI CHIBA | AFP  Kenya recorded its first coronavirus case last Thursday, March 12. A 27 year old Kenyan woman flew from Cleveland to Chicago to London to Nairobi on March 5. She became READ MORE

Clean Energy Africa #16 — Sub-Saharan Africa’s Transition to Renewables

“Home solar systems have been the biggest innovation in Africa” Reminder:   Donate to the HROC-Center’s project, Trauma Healing and Reconciliation in Rwanda, click on goto.gg/44648. ***** Note: Renewable Watch is a magazine based in New Delhi, India, which asked me to give my opinions on renewable energy in Africa. The “interview” was not a live one, but rather a list READ MORE

#591 — Details from the 2019 Kenyan Census

Kenya held its ten-year census in August 2019 and released it preliminary results last November. At that time I wrote in my Report from Kenya Kenya’s 2019 Census is Way Down from Projections (see here) that the actual number was 47,564,000, while the United Nations Population Division (UNPD) had an estimate of 52,574,000. This was a whooping 5 million (over READ MORE

#590 — Plastics in Lumakanda

A plastic water bottle thrown into the drain beside the road in Lumakanda. Belatedly starting a few years ago, the world became concerned on how non-biodegradable plastic is polluting the world’s environment. In order to give you an on the spot mirco-report, I am indicating what people do here in Lumakanda. In summary, the plastic that is not left in READ MORE

#588 — Manufacturing in Lumakanda

Report from Kenya #588 – February 14, 2020 Heads up: From March 9 to 27, the Healing and Rebuilding Our Community Center (HROC-Center) in Rwanda will be participating in the GlobalGiving Accelerator to become a partner with GlobalGiving. To succeed the HROC-Center will need at least 40 donors to contribute at least $5,000. Please be ready to participate. ***** Every READ MORE

#587 — More on Firewood

Our biogas system when it was working. After last week’s Report from Kenya on Firewood (see here), I received a good number of comments and questions. So I thought it would be best to post another Report in response to cover additional issues. Note that the intent of the former Report was to indicate what people in the rural areas READ MORE

#586 — Firewood

This eucalyptus tree has just been cut down for firewood. Notice the stump in the top center. Contrary to the common conception that only women and children search for and carry firewood, a man will chop and split this tree into appropriate-sized pieces. Whenever I drive an African including Gladys through a wooded area in the United States, he or READ MORE

# 585 — Updates on Innovations in Peacemaking — Burundi

By Elie Nahimana, IPB Coordinator Update on fundraiser for Judith Nandikove: So far we have received 6 donations totaling $525 towards the goal of $1200. To contribute to her attendance at the February HROC International Training in Rwanda, go to https://goto.gg/f/33160. 2019 Donors to Innovations in Peacemaking — Burundi: The following thirty donors contributed a total of $3005.80 in 2019 READ MORE