#477 — Robots — December 8, 2017

A current robot doing a back flip. From out here in rural western Kenya, I have been reading on the internet how by 2030 robots will be taking over most of the jobs in the United States. When a person walks into McDonalds there will be only robots cooking and serving the food. I assume by this time that the READ MORE

#476 — Please Support TCSC and FCPT — December 1, 2017

Participants at workshop in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Notice that the “walls” are only plastic UNHCR sheets. As part of your Christmas giving, I would appreciate it if you would give consideration to donations to Transforming Community for Social Change and Friends Church Peace Teams (Kenya). To learn the ways to donate go to https://transformingcommunitiesforsocialchange.wordpress.com/donate-2/. Thanks. Please forward this Report to READ MORE

#475 — Blossoming Peace in Samburu — November 24, 2017

Samburu program participants and facilitators. Note: Please visit TCSC’s new webpage at transformingcommunityforsocialchange.wordpress.com/. The webpage is a project in development. We used the free Word Press version which has its limitations. Please let us know if you see any mistakes or have comments. ***** Blossoming Peace in Samburu Ezra Kigondu, Samburu Coordinator Alternatives to Violence Program (Kenya) – Trust Samburu READ MORE

#472 — Understanding, American Exceptionalism, White Privilege, and Integrity — November 3, 2017

Understanding, American Exceptionalism, White Privilege, and Integrity: Living Cross-Culturally in East Africa By David Zarembka While this essay covers the specific aspects of my 53 years of interacting with East Africans, I think that it has a much larger context on how Americans (and other foreigners) should interact with Africans for a mutually beneficial, respectful relationship. When I made my READ MORE

#468 — Resurrection of HROC in Burundi — October 8, 2017

Elie Nahimama, Coordinator of HROC in Burundi for Innovations in Peacebuilding —Burundi. Note: Two years ago Elie Nahimana of Innovations in Peacebuilding – Burundi (IPB) took over leadership of the moribund HROC program in Burundi. It had been beset with lack of any significant program, misuse and embezzlement of funds, loss of credibility with its funding organizations, staff disarray, and READ MORE