#485 — Thanks for the Support in 2017 — February 2, 2018

Kenyan voters in Lumakanda waiting in line to vote, some for up to six hours, during the August 8 election. Update: The Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities-International (HROC-International) program has a new webpage at www.healingandrebuildingourcommunitiesinternational.wordpress.com. Please check it out and forward it to people whom you think might be interested in the HROC program. HROC-International also has a new facebook READ MORE

#484 — Morans Also Need to be Listened to — January 26, 2018

By Ezra Kigondu, Samburu Coordinator Alternatives to Violence Project (Kenya) – Trust Morans at the listening session in Samburu. Update: My January 1, 2016 Report from Kenya, Game Changer in the War against Terror, (see davidzarembka.com/2016/11/16/368-game-changer-in-the-war-against-terror-january-1-2016/), described how Muslims protected Christians in an attack by Al-Shabaab on a bus near the Kenya/Somali border. Some German film students have made this READ MORE

#483 — Naomi and Ruth — January 19, 2018

Picture of Moab, Jordan. Request for funds for follow-up day at Kericho Women’s Prison: On February 2, Resilient Woman of Africa plans a follow-up day with 15 released prisoners and 25 mentors who had previously taken the basic HROC workshop. The objective is to evaluate the Kericho program: What have the trainees done with the training? Has it been helpful to READ MORE

#482 — Weaving Peace Net in the Middle of Crisis — January 12, 2018

Update: Thanks to the good response all the students who I reported on last week have received sponsors and some additional funds have been collected to improve the primary school. ***** Note: I have been able to change the name of the TCSC webpage to https://transformingcommunityforsocialchange.wordpress.com/. The old address with “communities” (my mistake) no longer works. ***** Request: After a READ MORE

#480 — The Robbery, A Story — December 29 2017

The Robbery, A Story By David Zarembka Based on a true story. Reminder: Please consider a year-end donation to Transforming Community for Social Change and Friends Church Peace Teams. For “Ways to Donate” see https://transformingcommunitiesforsocialchange.wordpress.com/donate-2/ ***** My Dad’s house and cow. Two weeks ago early Tuesday morning, my Dad was robbed. And it was my fault. I work in Kisumu READ MORE

#479 — Life in Lumakanda — December 22, 2017

Reminder: Please consider a year-end donation to Transforming Community for Social Change and Friends Church Peace Teams. For “Ways to Give” see https://transformingcommunitiesforsocialchange.wordpress.com/donate-2/ ***** The children: Trina in back, Brian in middle left, Faith on middle right, and Julienne in front. Note Faith’s shirt which says “Jayla”; this was given to us by my granddaughter in the US who is READ MORE

#477 — Robots — December 8, 2017

A current robot doing a back flip. From out here in rural western Kenya, I have been reading on the internet how by 2030 robots will be taking over most of the jobs in the United States. When a person walks into McDonalds there will be only robots cooking and serving the food. I assume by this time that the READ MORE