#258 –Responses to “The Iconification of Nelson Mandela” — Dec. 20, 2013

Note: Due to interest from Nigerians from the middle states where there is considerable Christin/Muslim violence, AGLI and HROC-Rwanda are planning an International Training for HROC facilitators from February 23 to March 15. If anyone is interested in this training, please contact me at dave@aglifpt.org. ***** I have received more reaction to my posting, The Iconification of Nelson Mandela and READ MORE

#249 –AVP Introduction in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya — Oct 10, 2013

Program: Alternative to Violence Training Venue: Kakuma Friends Church Refugee Camp Dates: August 4, 2013- August 20, 2013 Facilitators: Peter Serete, Eunice Okwemba and Bernard Onjala Kakuma is a small town located in the desert in northwestern Kenya. Historically it is believed to be where anthropologists hypothesize the human race began. The Kenyan government picked the area for use as READ MORE