#564 — The Arrival of Strangle Weed in Lumakanda

This is a picture of some ornamental bushes in the front of our former house in Lumakanda. Note the yellow-greenish vines sticking out from the bushes. This is a parasitic plant. About a year ago this plant had infected the ornamental bushes which were then over three feet tall. In order to eradicate the vines, we had to cut down READ MORE

#563 — Cremation in Kenya

Ken Okoth and his wife, Monica. On July 26 Ken Okoth, the Kibra Member of Parliament, died of colorectal cancer at the age of 41. He asked that his body be cremated which was done. As the Standard newspaper headlined on August 5 said, this “Burning of bodies has kicked up cultural, religious storm.” A Quaker pastor from Nairobi commented READ MORE

#562 — What is Family?

Our family now: standing left to right grandnephew Calton (11 years old), grandniece Imali (19), grandniece Trinah (6), Salome, (19 who is called “auntie” as she helps take care of the children), granddaughter Faith (6). On left swing, grandson Brian (6) and on right swing, grandnephew Griffin (11) and granddaughter Rembo (3). Perhaps there is no greater difference between Kenya READ MORE

#561 — How Many Kenyans are There?

As you can see from this population pyramid from the CIA Factbook, each cohort of five years increases rapidly until the 10-14 year old age group. The 5-9 age group is very similar to the 10-14 age group and now the 0-4 age group is considerably smaller. This implies that the birth rate in Kenya is declining significantly. It is READ MORE

#559 — Betting in Kenya

The Betin betting shop in Lumakanda. Betin is Kenya’s second largest gambling company after SportPesa. It is owned by Italians. Betin has opened shops to attract betters who don’t want to bet through the internet. This shop had three employees behind the counter when I took this picture. Notice the motorcycles. These belong to the motorcycle taxi drivers who are READ MORE