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Peace of Africa: Reflections on Life in the Great Lakes Region is a book that explores life adventures on the ground through experiential knowledge and observations. Through personal experience with his Kenyan family, friends, and colleagues, Zarembka captures the essence of cultural and societal issues and skillfully deciphers the differences between African and American culture that frequently escape casual visitors and expatriates alike.

By weaving personal stories with historical narratives, A Peace of Africa explores how the Great Lakes region of Africa went from optimism at the time of independence to the conflict, corruption, wars, and genocide that have engulfed the region since then.

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"I have been reading the first chapter of your book. David, you explain very well how unhealed trauma can lead to scapegoating, projection and violence. It looks like this is going to be a very informative book for us in Africa and other people in the world. I cannot wait to get my order of the book to read the whole of it. Congratulation for writing and printing this book. And thank you for being a partner and friend in the Great Lakes region in an effort to promote peace." Silas Siboe W. Wanjala