#426 — Political Intolerance in Mautuma — February 17, 2017

Political Intolerance in Mautuma  By Ezra Kigondu, FCPT Help Increase the Peace Coordinator and TCSC Program Coordinator An angry crowd with traditional weapons. Request: Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Friends United Meeting to fund the salary of Ezra Kigondu, the author of this Report from Kenya. See the end of the report for details. ***** Background: Politics in READ MORE

#424 — Responding to Kenya’s Contentious 2017 Election — February 3, 2017

Ezra Kigondu trains citizen reporters on indicators of election violence for the 2013 Kenyan election On August 8, 2017 Kenya will hold its next election. This is after major violence before, during, and after Kenyan elections in 1992, 1997, and 2007. While the 2013 election was considerably more peaceful, there was substantial amounts of hate speech, tribal cleansing, intimidation, and READ MORE

#422 — Corruption Can Be Destroyed: a Case Study — January 20, 2017

Chavakali Friends High School candidates sit for the 2016 KenyaCertificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. The Lesson: Corruption can be destroyed if there is proper strategy and planning backed by sufficient political will. Its Inverse: If corruption continues it is due to the fact that there is insufficient strategy and planning with the political will to stamp it out. Kenya READ MORE

#420 — Silence — January 6, 2017

  Silence Fumi-e, “step on picture”. I have a Japanese “sister”, named Michiko Shimizu. In 1962/63, when my brother and I were in college, our bedroom was open so my parents agreed to host an American Field Service high school student, Michiko, for the school year. Our families have been close ever since including children and now grandchildren. In about READ MORE

#418 — Transforming Communities for Social Change (TCSC) — December 23, 2016

Transforming Communities for Social Change (TCSC) By Shelly Stratton 2016 Newsletter For laid out version with more pictures, chick on tcsc-shellys-report-dec-2016 Note: Thanks and appreciation to those who responded to my request last week to support HROC workshops at Kericho Women’s Prison. Some people did not want to sign up to send funds through  WorldRemit. Another alternative is to send READ MORE