#606 — Covid-19 Success Cases in Eastern Africa

Current count in Kenya as of Thursday, May 28: 1,618 confirmed cases, 58 deaths, 421 recovered, and 70,172 people tested for the virus. This is an increase in the last week of 509 confirmed cases, 0 deaths, 45 decrease recovered, and 17,665 people tested (2,524 per day). Many of the new cases are in Nairobi slums where distancing is impossible. READ MORE

#605 — Covid-19 in Tanzania: Alarming.

People look at newspapers without adhering to physical-distancing guidelines in Dar es Salaam [Ericky Boniphace/AFP] Also no one is wearing a mask. Current count in Kenya as of Thursday, May 21: 1,109 confirmed cases, 50 deaths, 375 recovered, and 52,507 people tested for the virus. This is an increase in the last week of 351 confirmed cases, 8 deaths, 91 recovered, READ MORE

#604 — Lord of the Flies

Florence Reizenstein Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA. In September 1982, my daughter, Joy, entered the sixth grade at Reizenstein Middle School in Pittsburgh. This school opened in 1975 had been placed between the white community and the black community to help integrate the Pittsburgh public school system. It was later determined that this strategy does not work as the white READ MORE

#602 — Kenya Takes Care of Itself

Health workers walk after disinfecting a residence where Kenya’s first confirmed coronavirus patient was staying, in Rongai, near Nairobi, Kenya. Photo by: REUTERS / Baz Ratner. This illustrates the point that Kenyan health officials have been proactive from the first case. ***** Current count in Kenya as of Thursday, May 7: 607 confirmed cases, 29 deaths, 197 recovered, and 28,002 READ MORE

#601 — Sub-Saharan Africa Tackles Covid-19

On April 27, Simon Atkinson of BBC News wrote in Coronavirus and climate: Australia’s chance to shift to green energy, “Australia is faring far better during the pandemic than many nations – with fewer than 6,800 confirmed cases and 83 deaths reported as of late April.” Look at the chart above and notice how much better Kenya is doing than READ MORE

#600 — More on Covid-19 in Kenya

Ventilator developed by 16 Kenyatta University students from the engineering, nursing, medicine and pharmacy schools. All parts were sourced within Kenya and can be constructed at a cost of $5,000. They are patenting the machine. It needs to be thoroughly tested and certified by the government before 50 ventilators per week will be constructed. ***** Current count in Kenya as READ MORE